Lift Every Voice And Sing

There are regular songs that sound great and give you a relatively good feeling, you know, the kind that have you reminiscing on good times and feeling slightly nostalgic… And then there are absolutely extraordinary songs that seem like they were composed by God Himself and sung by His angels.

Well at least that’s exactly how I feel about the song in the video below. It has such a wonderfully put together harmony, and the words are deep and thought provoking.

Lift Every Voice and Sing was composed by two artists by the name of James Weldon Johnson and John Rosamond Johnson. James Weldon originally wrote these words as a song to honor Booker T. Washington at a segregated school with 500 students in Feb 5, 1900.

Later in 1905 James brother John set the poem to music and the amazing song that we are blessed to listen to today was born. This song soothes your soul and has the power to strengthen your purpose with strong words of commitment, which brings me to another point, this song was performed by Committed, a group of young men dedicated to singing empowering gospel songs around the world.

The video below has been played into the ground over and over again by yours truly :) I can’t help it. Listen for yourself, I think you will understand why.

I think you would agree, we need more wonderful music like this! I think the world would be a better place if everyone would just chill out and listen to this every time they got angry, sad, or frustrated, don’t you think? If the origin of this song interests you can read more about it on wikipedia.



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